The core objective of Sedecordle is deceptively simple: guess all sixteen hidden words within a maximum of twenty-one attempts. Sounds straightforward, right? Well, that’s where the challenge lies. Unlike Wordle, where each guess applies solely to the target word, a single guess in Sedecordle is evaluated against all sixteen puzzles simultaneously. This means you’re essentially playing sixteen Wordle games at once, with the added complexity of untangling the shared feedback across all of them.

Sedecordle Rules

  • Each guess is a single word, applied to all 16 puzzles simultaneously.
  • Letters turn gray if they are not in any of the words, yellow if they are in at least one word but in the wrong position, and green if they are in the correct word and position.
  • You only get feedback for the first word you haven’t solved yet. Once you solve a word, the next one is unlocked and becomes the one receiving feedback.

Sedecordle Variations

Daily Sedecordle: A new puzzle is released every day, challenging you to solve all 16 words within the 21-guess limit.
Unlimited Sedecordle: Play as many puzzles as you like, with new random word sets generated for each attempt.
Game Modes: Choose from different word lengths ranging from 4 to 11 letters, depending on your desired difficulty.



  • Start with a strong opening guess that uses common letters and avoids uncommon ones.
  • Pay close attention to the feedback for the unsolved word, even if it seems unrelated to other words at first.
  • Consider using online word lists or tools to help you brainstorm potential solutions.

Sedecordle is a game that will push your vocabulary to its limits and demand strategic thinking at every turn. It’s a perfect blend of challenge and reward, offering hours of entertainment for word game aficionados and newcomers alike. So, gather your word power, embrace the strategic puzzle, and dive into the world of Sedecordle!


What is Sedecordle?

Sedecordle is a word game similar to Wordle, but with 16 hidden words to guess simultaneously.

What’s the goal?

Guess all 16 words within 21 total guesses.

How do I play Sedecordle?

  • Enter a single word guess, which applies to all 16 puzzles.
  • You only get feedback for the first unsolved word.
  • Green letters are correct, yellow is in the wrong spot, and gray is not in any of the words.

Are there different modes?

Yes, there are Daily Sedecordle with a new puzzle every day, Unlimited Sedecordle with random word sets, and various word length options.